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We Repair: Sony, Dell, Zenith, Pioneer, LG, Vizio, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, RCA, Sharp, Philips, Westinghouse, Magnavox, GE, HP, JVC, AKAI, Polaroid, Toshiba and more!!!
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Big Screen TV Repair In Denver
About Us At TV Repair Denver

A big screen TV set is usually the center of a home entertainment system. The popular direct view 32 and 36 inch screens use a large glass picture tube. Giant screens, the 50, 56, 60 inch and larger, use a set of three small picture tubes with lens and mirrors projecting to the rear of a large plastic screen.


Because they do not use plug-in boards, these sets are complex and very complicated to service. During a normal life expectancy of 10 years, a large screen television will break down two or three times.

Commonly the set will have to be repaired to component level. Sometimes tuners or picture tubes will need replacing, but usually the problem will be traced to transistors, capacitors or small integrated circuits. 

When you call for TV service, always have the make, model number and a good description of the symptom ready for the technician to research before they go to your home or business.

Have your Big Screen in a position to be serviced. The technician doing the repair will have to reschedule the service call, if a team of furniture movers must first pull the set from an elevated mount or out of a piece of furniture.

Schedule a couple of hours for the repair procedures and adjustments. It is very common for the complete repair to require one or two return trips for parts or special test equipment. If the repairs can not be completed in the home, our Service Center has developed ways to service your unit, without picking up the entire set. Call for now for TV service in Denver (720) 924-2355.

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